I am a professional freelance photographer based in Islington, London. Its a good life, that of a freelancer: warm beer, cold women and lies damn lies.

But you're all actors, right, so you know that already.

Anyway, you're here because you need a new headshot. Without a doubt your headshot is one of the most important things to get right. Its the first thing a casting director sees and if you look like a total chuffer there is no way you're getting called in for an audition.

So what makes a a great headshot? Obviously there is a technical aspect to the photographers work - getting the light right, posing you well etc but if your paying good money for your headshots than you should be able to take that skill set for granted in the photograper you choose. So what matters most, what really defines whether a headshot works or not is what the photographer can get out of you. You need to be confident of building a rapport with your photographer, so you can be put at ease and really engage with the camera.

About me

So my name is Andrew E Ashford and I've been photographing people for many, many years now. I love actors, I love meeting new ones and I get a big kick out of taking headshots that will stop a casting director in his tracks and have him staring at your face for ages.

How Does the Session Work?

I shoot in my house in Islington or my studio near the Olympic park in Stratford. They're both great spaces with nice light and good sized outdoory bits with walls and flowers and things. This means we can get a good mixture of indoor and outdoor shots and it also means we're close to a kettle at all times. I never book more than two session a day and always a good deal apart so we can spend as much time as we need getting your shots right.

After the shoot I'll upload the images to a dedicated website which you can email to agents, friends, ex's, whoever. You spend as much time as you need deciding which ones you want edited up. I'll perform the retouches and send over a proof copy through email. When you give that the all clear I print the images (not applicable to the student discount package), burn the CD's and send them over to you in the post. EASY.